Rashid Khan // Sports Therapist

‘How can I make this better?’

That’s the question I ask myself every day. Whether it’s cooking wholesome delicious foods; exploring the boundaries of what my body can do; or fixing injuries – I am addicted to the idea of becoming better in every way and making you better in every way. The methods you use in the gym must stem from scientific-principles, and the intensity and motivation must become so overwhelming it takes you to another level of excitement never experienced before!

I have worked in the fitness industry as a coach, performance-enhancement therapist and sports therapist since 2012. Through applying scientific principles and having a wealth of understanding of physiology, anatomy and nutritional sciences, my guarantee to you is the body of your dreams which looks good and performs better!

Whether it’s to diagnose an injury, fix an injury, general maintenance or simply a deep tissue massage, feel free to get in touch! Or if you want to take it to the next level and explore the world of strength and conditioning, performance acceleration and body-sculpting don’t hesitate to contact either!

Call Rashid on 07770 884 170


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