Joe Trippett // Bootcamp Coach

I have always been passionate about health and fitness and have over 20 years experience of weight training and general conditioning. I have played a wide variety of sports and completed several half and full marathons, including the New York Marathon which was awesome!

After 12 years as a police officer I am currently embarking on a career change to follow my passion of helping others reach their fitness goals. I always thought I had all the knowledge I needed about training and nutrition, but once I began studying I realised just how little I actually knew!! I have since made massive changes to my nutrition, training and general lifestyle, which has led to me feeling fitter in my late 30’s (I know it’s hard to believe I am that old!) than I was in my early 20’s. There is so much to learn and I now want to pass on my knowledge to help people reach their potential.

Everyone has their individual limitations but there are endless ways we can all improve ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of us lead busy and stressful lives, with exercise and good nutrition often taking a back seat. My aim is to help push health up the list of priorities – the key is to hammer away at the excuses and form the motivation to develop as many good habits as possible.

Too many people spend most of the year ignoring their health then suddenly embark on a crash diet two weeks before a big event or holiday. They key to improving health is slow, steady progress with a long term commitment.

Remember, health is for life not just for holidays!


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