CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Kids


Warm-up (No Measure)

Forward Roll

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk


Push Press


Memory Game (No Measure)

Stand the kids in a circle, facing inwards. Decide who will start. The kid who starts chooses a movement and all the kids then perform that movement. Moving clockwise, the next kid choses another movment, and they all perform that and the previous movement… continue right around the circle, trying to remember the sequence.


Hungry Crabs (No Measure)

Prior to the activity, set up the game area (size depends on the number of athletes) with boundaries marked by cones. Scatter the beanbags throughout the designated area. Divide the athletes into two to four teams. Place one hula hoop for each team on the outside of each edge of the boundaries. Explain to the athletes that the area inside the cones is the “ocean” and the beanbags are “crab food.” Their team hula hoop and is where they are going to place the beanbags they collect. All athletes participate at the call of “go” by crab-walking inside the boundaries and collecting beanbags. They are only allowed to get one beanbag at a time. Once they get a beanbag, they place it on their stomach and crabwalk to their team’s hula hoop, then place the beanbag in the hula hoop and go back to get another. Each team is trying to collect the most beanbags before time runs out or the beanbags are gone.