30-Apr-16 – CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Kids


Hungry Frogs (No Measure)

Set a line of bumper plates on the floor, 1 line for each child. Each plate represents a lilli-pad

You have to frog jump from pad to pad, so you can reach the food (beanbag) on the far side of the river bank.

If you miss a plate and land in the water, you have to bear crawl back to the start.

The child with the most food at the end wins.


Med Ball Clean

Med Ball Clean technique.


Metcon (No Measure)


– Throw beanbag

– 10 Box Jumps (Bumper Plates)

– Run to bean bag

– Walking Lunge Back”


Red Light Green Light (No Measure)

Have one person (the light) stand about 20 feet from the group and choose a method of travel. When the light says “green light,” the others move towards them in the desired mode of travel. When the light says “red light,” all movement must stop. The first person to the light gets to be the light next round.