25-January-2018 – CrossFit

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Hip Mobility

3 Rounds

15 KB Swings

10 KB Shrugs

10 Ring Rows

Front Rack Mobility

Points of Performance overview


Power Clean (5-5-5-5-5 T&G)

You will have a three minute window to perform your set, rest and increase weight for the next set. (15 Mins)


CrossFit Football 20,000lbs – Partner (Time)

Lift 20,000lbs (9072.5kg) for men / 15,000lbs (6,802.5kg) for women as fast as possible using only one rep of the following:

Back Squat – 1 Rep

Press – 1 Rep

Deadlift – 1 Rep

You may only do one rep at a time and must cycle through all three lifts to complete one round. You must each perform one full round on rotation.

You must use two bars – 1 for Squat & Press, 1 for Deadlift.