23-November-2017 – CrossFit

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

5-10 mintues

Line drill warm up:

Bear crawl

Gymnastic bear crawl (hamstrings straight)


Step forward, rear heel raise

Crawl in press up position

10 minutes on:

Active hollow drills

Break the egg (knees raised to chest)

5 minutes on:

Active hollow and shoulder drill lying face down pushing wall (hips pulled up)

Active shoulders into floor, k2e position

10 minutes:

Double spot k2e raise (hamstrings and shoulder)

Athletes only focus is active shoulders and core, spotters raise legs and bring down.

Build up to vertical over several circuits

5 minutes:

Once comfortable upside down in k2e have athlete go up and extend 1 leg to ceiling, toes pointed, flute and abs engaged (look at your shoelace)

10 minutes:

Start in lunge position, lead spotter hand on straight leg quads and hammies, other spotter same on bent leg, raise athlete up.

Gradually help less and work towards kick up (spotter qued) and spotters catch at top

Final 5-10 minutes:

If athelte can demo active hollow and shoulder and stay fully supported, lead spotter places fist between knees for athlete to ‘crush’ and all other points of contact taken away for a second before re supporting and lowering down