31-August-2016 – CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Teens Warm-up Hungry Hippos (No Measure) Hungry Hippos Skill Rowing Technique (No Measure) Rowing Technique 1. Catch 2. Leg Drive 3. Hips (30ยบ Lean) 3. Arm Pull 4. Recover – Takes twice as long as the row stroke Metcon Metcon (Time) Partner 3km Row – Whilst one partner rows, the other[…]

31-August-16 – CrossFit

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) 3 Rounds 20 Banded Lat Stretches 20 Plate Figure of 8 Gymnastics Kip Pull Up/ Pull Up progressions (Max Reps) – 30 Second Hold – Initiate movement from shoulders – Dead Stop Metcon Metcon (Time) Partner Karen 300 Wall Balls for time! 5 Sit Ups everytime you[…]