27 August 2016 – CrossFit

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Pizza Game Hungry Hippos Gymnastics Pistols Max reps is ALWAYS set by your least dominant leg! Banded Pistols In a Squat Rack, attach a band to the J-Pegs at just below hip height and use to sit down and drive out of the Pistol. Metcon Metcon (3[…]

27-August-2016 – CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Trafford – CrossFit Teens Warm-up Metcon (No Measure) 10m Broad Jump 20 Grass Hoppers 10m Bear Crawl 20 Grass Hoppers 10m Walking Lunges 20 Grass Hoppers 10m Frog Jumps Weightlifting Goblet Squat (10-10-10-10-10) Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 8 Min AMRAP – In a pair, complete as many wall balls as possible, Every Min[…]